Monday, April 29, 2013


Maybe i should go back to the ss drive train??


Not sure marble lake has ever felt better!

Off post call has its advantages

When the day is a exquisite as this! So, my burning question...strip it and ship it for surprise me joe bell repaint...or ride it "as is"??

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Step one

Off the hook!

What's it going to take

To see the csi built for business?!?

The Bojibiker

Stash is mounting!


Sunshine rolls and scotcheroos...planning the June ride and run in Sheldon...who's in??

Spring dining

The boss is in town and back on the menu!


Had his climbing legs on today!

Headed home

Don't worry--wait dinner!!

When it comes to the end of a perfect day

Take a trail run with the dobegirl

Watch out for Mike Lynn

New Langster--48x16...brake less

Beautiful day

Beautiful people


Spring rings in at the pump house

Others prepare

By roasting, grinding, brewing and drinking "go juice"

Some of us prepare for the hogsback romp

By eating grass

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