Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Steeper than I can climb single speed

Not sure that's saying much...but I am inspired to return with the moonlander!

If you've got your hands on a fat tire bike

Do I have a trail for you!

Any day you can find a new trail and hill to climb

It's a good day!

Otherwise I may just pedal into the light!

At least I know where I'm going!

Maybe this trail leads to something interesting

I'm hoping I get back to little spirit this way

I hereby name thee Lake Loveall

Nice turn around point...if you're into that sort of thing!

Shout out to Pastor Loveall!

Thanks for reminding me of this awesome trail! Scenic as can be...but I need an extra gear for climbing out here!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Water standing in trickle slough

Nice to see...!

Have to wonder

How many times I might have a chance to get llew to the pumphouse yet this season...

Watch out for plumes of smoke

And stray burn piles...on the tour de lakes!

Anyone interested in a romp through the leaves?!?

Wonder how the single track is riding today...27 degrees but feels warm to me compared to the last few days! Farmhouse hill is calling: what is your answer???

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Felt good

To get a little mud going...maybe I can cover up the leaves with a little more??

Try to talk me out of the repaint

Soon and very soon I will tear down the Kirk crosser and send it back to joe bell for a surprise me repaint but of a completely different paint theme...not sure I can part with the fall leaves...

Question: what can treat you just like black ice

And is found cutting across the eyecare center lawn at faster than should be speed?!

Ever have that feeling

You didn't want to go back through the wormhole?!?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The view from the pump house

Customary autumn rounds at last!

Look what I found

18" under my favorite sitting spot on the crandalls lodge beach...any guesses?!!

73 sweet degrees!

Great day for the bunch to be out on center lake bypass!

Friends gather!

Hello Rick and Di--you're the best!

30th anniversary ride!

Congratulations...I think your marriage could be older than my delta brakes!

The group!

...rolls for scotcharoos...
Same rule as gingham inn
--no sharing--

Peloton rolls

Thanks for the ride, friends!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

And a chain breaker

Right at the turn to head back out...when you've already gone a little overtime!

Just watch out

There's always a bike stopping branch just at the end of the single track

I see what you did there

You're reading my mind!

But--is playing it safe

What I'm doing when I have 15" to spare?!?

The way out

If you play it safe...

Watch out for downed branches

They can flat even a big Larry!

Just find your favorite put in

And get rolling

Hey, it's cold, wet and mizzabow

Perfect weather for the ss mudsley

Life ride

Life without integrity
Is like loosely hanging threads,
Easily fraying from the main cloth,
While in acts of piety we learn to understand that
Every instant is like a thread
Raveling out of eternity to form a delicate tassel.
We must not cast off the threads
But weave them into the design of an eternal fabric.

Each day points to eternity;
The fate of all time depends upon a single moment.

Weekday morning siddur

Vayomer Adonai

If people fall, can they not also rise?
If they break away, can they not return?
The stork in the sky knows when to migrate,
the dove and the swallow know the season of return.
What human instinct knows the time to turn back?
What cue sparks the conscience of the soul?
We pray to sense the day anew,
Attuned to the call of sacred living.

Reformed siddur
Jeremiah 8:4,7 adaptation

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When it's this quiet at night

Expect a wind advisory for days on end to follow...today on the grade the voice of miniwakan can be heard quite clearly!