Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nice day to pedal or paddle...or both!

Just a word about the outer rim on a crosser

If you stray from your line or lose your momentum there is no forgiveness. Here's where my pedal strike dropped my chain to prove that theory...look ahead to see the rut mike Lynn has carved into the next log!

Marble family homestead site

Pretty dramatic--love all the grass!

Any way you get out today

Is a workable plan...double reverse loop plus a double reverse of the outer rim

Sumac turned me around to take another look

Then a guy riding a giant race bike with a boom box mounted on his seat post crested the hill and came coasting past...felt like I was on the campus classic!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Pie stop

While it lasts...

This shows my favorite road into anglers bay!

...maybe a guy needs a speedvagen road and a speedvagen cross for such an occasion...;) just sayin....

Maybe a little overdue

For a pump house shot of the sv

Pretty nice day

Hogsback colors are gorgeous!

Ok...I am about 30" away

I had a time trial lap at after my baking is complete...I am headed to crandalls beach and then hogsback! See you out there...

The helmet and share the road jersey say it all

...let's break bread and share the road?!?

Kneading time for me!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Ever had a lezyne hose freeze up on you??

Best tool for getting it unstuck?? Another lezyne pump-- trust me it works...just really make sure to get it on nice and tight!

Continuous to completion

Green and gold is looking good...and the harvest is rolling along...the farmers tell me the tractor is running continuous to completion! amen...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hogsback lunch break--dreaming of cobbler!?!

Any leads...???

The Fixie Cobbler is ready! Roll on over!

I guess I need more practice...

Remember the steep sweeping turn at the old bridge run?? For some reason I thought with the moonlander I would be able to climb that gnarly grade...the front end on the ML is too light and came right off the ground as if weightless! Bojibiker you mentioned something about axle weights you used to use on your John Deere...maybe those would help???

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I know I'm not using the cable hanger

The brakes didn't seem to like that little bit of trickery one bit...actually...if the brakes work I will cut to fit...wasn't sure I wanted to use another cable I am so cheap! The deltas are hard to adjust with traditional brake cable...seemed to have a great deal more function with shifter cable oddly enough!  The other bit of trickery that seems to allow for better stopping
power is leaving the cable a little long, capping the end
and turning the end up into the caliper housing! A dollar
to anyone who notices I put the front wheel in backward...
except Bojibiker and Loveall...I will give you each a couple
of spare tubes as a prize for having NOT noticed!

Sometimes the bike just has the last word

The bike somehow has a say In how it wants to be built and what wheels are going to work! Forget jens saying "shut up legs"...just telling the Kirk...ok, I get it--delta brakes and British rebuilt open pro it take me for a spin!

I have an itch that only the ss pugsley can scratch!

Anyone else headed to the outer rim?!?
Could be a tights and lake boots day!

Crandalls Lodge, Iowa weather forecast

Freeze warning!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Forget city's finest

We're talking world's greatest! How many times have I passed that sign and not noticed what it really says?!?

Some call them trash miles

I call them treasure...miles on the bike in a dress shirt and tie...stopping to appreciate the finer things of life--like harvesting machines!

This thing just gave me quite a startle

Flew through my spokes to nestle in and watch me fill my tires...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

This may be a little clearer

Make sure to look up and notice the tree trunk that was shattered in half!

Almost forgot

Thought you might like to see how the shop is shaping up...

Late but great

The hogsback trail has been clear this past week! Thanks, Rory...strong work!

After all the tree trimming, box cutting and bike room arranging

I think I will suit up for some suitable hogsback mileage! Aaaah...

Windom --safely landed...congratulations, TOK!

Ready to ride back, Bojibiker?? There seems to be less room in my 'smaller than 5 years ago' vehicle!

The highway 34 junction

Are we already half way??

The leading ladies

Eager to head north and beyond the accident site...

After battling 20 plus mph headwinds

I found refreshment at Mr. Big and rolled home in time to meet the peloton!

Staging the evoque

TOK wanted to close the loop on the destination that eluded her and the group 5 years ago on the 15th of September...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

strange commuter and even stranger weather

tuesday i found the 95 degree heat not only warm but very wet feeling with high humidity...
yesterday the daytime high was 55 degrees and the rain didn't feel as wet, in fact i got home
and found my bib shorts and jersey to be completely dry...thanks, in part, i suppose to shower's pass.
this morning the fog is as thick as most mornings in great britian when we were visiting this may...and at 48 degrees i was somewhat surprised to see my own water vapor filling the sky like a smokestack...good news--the house lists tomorrow! anyone interested living on the dead end street of my own choosing???

Monday, September 10, 2012

i went to iowa city saturday to watch a strange contest!

let's see who wants to lose the most!  after the horrid game audrey and i walked from kinnick stadium to the marsala downtown. we found this great bike on the walk back to the car...and felt like the trip was well worth it!

his name is bisquit...his game is obvious

he's teaching us about the dog days of summer...rolling in the grass, chasing your tail and soaking up the afternoon rays in the stillness of yesterday's beauty

Thursday, September 6, 2012

anyone here know what STEM means

this group of 6th graders was out at hogsback for their science class...enjoy!
the other shot is of the kirk just past the mid point of the lower, marble lake stretch--
the way is a major branch/tree has been brought down overnight with the tornadic thunderstorm that blew through...(ask me about my new to me apple tree)

even though we've had some rain lately...

the slews seem to be drying up at an accelerated rate...the first has been dry for the second north of angler's bay is bone dry, too...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

as i was driving to see PREMIUM RUSH

i noticed the sculpture and wondered when i would actually take time to pose llew
in front of my favorite artwork...good thing i am not a city planner...i would take this piece
and turn it into something like the iowa great lakes arch de triumph! well, yesterday was my day.  in the middle of my circumnavigation of the lakes i stopped for a visit!  hope you had a great labor day...