Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great fun/diamond jubilee challenge!

Got up this morning to fairly dry skies but could tell the rain was coming! I biked down to the city center and scrounged around for a county road map of the cotswolds that included both oxford and stratford upon avon...no small task! I then highlighted a decent route with a mix of highway and backroads deciding to give it a go! Kari wrote down a meeting place and time on the top of my map and i headed out to make my appointment! The timing for the girls who took the train an hour and a half after i left the flat was perfect. We met within minutes of arrival and hunting around for the out of the way place we had randomly chosen to meet. Hopefully kari will post a shot of my diamond jubilee celebration tea! It was perfect! Here is a shot of our return trip home together...perfect day, aye??

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