Monday, April 30, 2012

while you're out today getting around the lake, stop by and check out the mini-wakan park renovation project! pretty nice...nice enough for a graduation party reception?!? wonder if they take reservations for next may???
after spending the weekend in sioux city, i was able to get out for a nice ride on the ss pugsley! railroad to jemmerson slew, hogsback, little spirit, loon lake and then the cabin for a rest before riding the cross bike home as darkness fell. i found an abundance of wildlife and was happy to see the results of some much needed rainfall!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

paddle now pedal later.jpg

Anyone paddling?? Hogsback after 3pm...stop by the dead end street for a fat tire bike if you like and meet/greet on the trail!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

kirk under the inspiring maple overlooking my craft project.jpg

Seems like things have finally come full circle...the kirk is parked under the very tree that inspired its paint job and the deck and dock and the cabin are now touching...

orange handlebra meets outback.jpg

Wish i could capture the sound of the wildlife and show the heron, owl and geese that entertained me all afternoon!

little spirit spur.jpg

Great spot for a kayak put in--great stop to soak in the best gravel spur in the iowa great lakes!

handlebra wrap unveiled.jpg

What was once covered with bar mitts for winter...unveiled for spring gravel road riding!

Monday, April 23, 2012

just in time for spring

here's a link from bike just in time for spring!  if you don't recognize the name...please take a look at the name on the top tube of he-shew's fixie!
About a week ago, a bottle of Ernesto Bike Lube landed in our inbox. What’s Ernesto Bike Lube? It’s a light soybean oil-based lube that “lasts a while.” Ernesto’s ad copy may not be precise- but at least he’s not just making numbers up. As a bonus, Ernesto claims that frying “some good country chicken eggs for breakfast” in his lube won’t lead to cancer. Which is a good thing.

In all seriousness, Ernesto adds non-toxic materials to his renewable soybean oil base to help it stick to metal and keep the lubrication going. The 4oz bottle shown runs a reasonable $7.50- send your bottle back and he’ll refill it for half that. How does it work? It’s early to say, but it goes on and seems reasonably clean. Watch this space for a full review…

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

railroad ride.jpg

Nice to be able to get out and explore new trail...stopping here made me think we should all be landscaping with these this spring!