Monday, January 30, 2012

walmart bike.jpg

Why does my nurse continue to tease me about the kirk looking like I bought it at wal-mart...I may never understand...maybe it would help to get some new shoes for it--say, edge hoops with mango chris king hubs?? just a thought

dirt kirk.jpg

So maybe the kirk is just what the doctor ordered for today! there was a little ice on the morning commute but i've been riding over these areas the last few days on the cross tires without difficulty. now everything has turned to slush--especially in the shady corners of lakeshore. there's also some really good mud to be had if you know where to look! my favorite?? climbing the parks marina hill on the far shoulder...give it a try, my friend, especially if your bike likes to eat dirt!

Wanna climb pfleugger?

It's calling for fixed tubulars

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love the showshoes in the rough!

Way to go, boji! Love his whisker-sicles!

Nice enough

To need a coat hanger!

The meadow loop

...Nice round trip...

Perfect day to ski every inch of groomed trail

Out past the meadow loop to the gravel road and back was a first for me...thanks for sticking with me, friends!

My way

Or the easy way?!? So much for this being the easy way to climb farmhouse hill!

Heartbreak hill

Is a true challenge

Trail gets an oooh la la

In my book

The blue machine is ready to take action

Blue kick wax and purple chevrons are ready to take to the track! See you out there--I'll bring the naked!

Training for "Freeze Your Fanny 2013" has begun!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where will it be in 2012???

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Standing here inspired by this yellow bike, the RAGBRAI 2012 route guess came to my head...

sioux center--cherokee--lake view--marshalltown--cedar rapids--anamosa--clinton

Read 'em and weep! Gotta go make living the double triple bypass.

here's an idea...lets bike from here to sioux center and then back home from either cherokee or lakeview?

Route Party...

Some people have an uncanny ability to predict the route. Some people book rooms BEFORE the route is announced. Some people win the Chocolate Classic, year after year. Some people play accordion at group bike rides, just to thin the crowd.
These are the sort of people that I need to hang out with....

I have to say the winter games cheerleaders this year

Are awesome! ...yet, I didn't hear any cheers on our return to the shop!?!

I think we had nearly a hundred riders to my count

Nice road conditions! Lots of road, cross, mountain and tandem bikes out there today!

Here's a shot of my riding partner for the day

He's challenged me to a 50 rides in 50 states in 50 days goal...anyone wanna come along??

FYF 2012

Love the new song TOK--the mayor liked so well he dropped me!

Friday, January 27, 2012

All in one glorious hour

Snow...freezing pellets! ...interesting results: I had to stop and examine my skis to see if there was any glide or kick wax--seemed like I had scraped off all of both! I left loveall out there waxing in the driveway...yup, I guess that's the kind of friend I've become?? the color indicator: black for klister, mister!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speaking of my old silva skis...

Is this a waste of wax or worth it for nostalgia--either way--they were WAY thirsty!

Going back to the waxing method I used for goat's peak--the pony hills of south dakota!

Universal glide with purple and red chevrons in the kick zone! If you're not careful I am going to get you hooked on gluing tubulars next...melt or paste it on, plane it and rub it smooth--got cork?? You're in business...

it's official -- freeze your fanny 2012 is on! who's riding??

here's the pic i lifted from expedition co. fresh from fyf '07...does anyone ever tire of this shot of cenna?? he's back in town and promises to lead us once again from the official accordion blast/10 am roll out to the sweet finish back at the shop! see you saturday...if i finish with rounds in time! if not, i'll just sweep the route...

West Hottes is beautiful

Covered with snow geese! Trail is like skiing on bubble gum...time for more snow!

when the ski suit post resurfaced...i started looking

unfortunately for my skiing partner(s)...i found this! no worries, though...i won't ship until tomorrow...let's get out and ski today before it's too late!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's be honest

Who doesn't love their iron!?! somehow last night i couldn't quite get the wax to the sweet, smooth layer i was looking for...almost made me wonder if i might be slower today because of my efforts!?!

Gear on the trail

Means someone will be back to pick it up after a cool down lap!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's official--5 consecutive days on the reds and I've found my skiing legs

It also helped to put my hands on the purple glide and kick wax! Thanks for the birthday present, loveall! Awesomeness abounds...a special thank you to eric hoien for grooming the trail! here's an idea: sign on below if you think it's a good idea for me to post the color of the blog header to correspond to the color of glide and kick wax best for the day's conditions!?! if so, look for red tomorrow!

Did you see that??


I wish I could follow this track all day!

The ss pug needs a few passes--the moonlander just needs the one!

ok people...we're ranked 10th in the race to be included

the healthiest state initiative asks a very important question?? are you interested in riding your bike?? check it out and vote with the link 'on your left'!

or text BZP to 772937

...oh, and i think we can beat spencer...don't you think??

What's going to go on ice??

Can you tell this is 5 psi??

Friday, January 20, 2012

The double Triple Bypass

a new team has registered -- anyone interested in riding or coming along for the ride?!? It's official...I am scheduled out of the office and in for the ride!