Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

The kneaded cross therapy

Even though the kirk is back...I need to get stronger in order to rebuild it! Interested in breaking bread later??

Any guesses??

What do these two things have in common...hint: they were both broken in the same location!
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There's no chocolate here

I just thought this bouquet was too sweet to delete from my phone's memory without posting. Daily, little miracles surround us...maybe you could share your favorite snapshot of the day before deleting it, too!
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Comfort Food and Comfort Bikes

Lunch ride to Taco House with Ma and Pa

This last one is marked pretty well as far as I am concerned

This one will take a little more looking to find! I really like the groovy red markings on the guardian of the chocolate here...
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Some days we need to sweeten the deal, imho!

There have been days in my recovery that I haven't felt like getting out. There's natural sweetness all around today...abundant sunshine, light cool winds and burrs aplenty! But--i thought a little chocolate bonus on the trail would be a nice reward for someone--i may leave the next one in a zip lock. Something tells me this little treat won't be around very long!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here's a shot of my walking partner today!

...And my new/old favorite napping spot in marble beach campground. Ahhh, now for some rest since the siren finally quit blaring!
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looks like the kirk cross

...Is structurally good as new! I even have a tracking number...
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TNTC turtles -- or -- how many is ten??

The hatch is on...strength in numbers?? so, are there too numerous to count...or...

ten tiny turtles on the telephone talking to the grocery men...ten leafy, leafy collard greens but please make sure their washed...

maybe i'm needing a little more time to recover from my general anesthesia??

Monday, September 19, 2011 for WILD life

You never know what unexpected animal might dart out of the shadows heading for the next patch of shade on the trail!
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Follow the Yellow Brick Road - sort of

If Hogsback confuses you, take heart! The cross country team ran out there and to make sure no one got lost the coaches painted arrows along the route. You have to ride against the grain to do the double loop and I seriously question detouring around Farmhouse Hill, but it's nice to know people are out there enjoying it. Watch out for deer.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Walking the bike trail

Back to my old route...out on two feet will get me back on two wheels! For having such a solid seems there's goldenrod a plenty out here!
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Signs of Fall?

Saw my first wooly buggers today. I also saw these guys, but I'm not sure if Llamas are seasonal?

Friday, September 16, 2011

here's a poem that pulled me through my re-do

not sure how this poem is cycling related...except it seems to tie together the process of closing the loop on my gi tract and the ongoing process of the kirk cross bike coming together in time for my re-anastomosis and being sent back to dave kirk in bozeman, mt for not only a repair of the derailleur hanger, but an injury sustained in the top tube with some aggressive riding. obtw, i should probably say...G-d has done a wonderous thing for me. my pathology report showed an 'incidental', highly aggressive, dysplastic polyp (serrated adenoma) that was found in the 1o inch segment of colon that was removed at the time of my emergent left hemicolectomy and hartman procedure for ruptured diverticulits!
post op day number two from my takedown surgery this week, i am happy to report i am recovering at home, off the bike until october 12th and enjoying some wonderful poetry.
as the sun sets on this 2 month experience...and the homecoming court is announced
at half-time of the football game where the indians have the game well in hand
i would like to share something that has pulled me through this past week. i am also struck
to find that a dear friend and paddling brother made in isle royale died this morning after a long battle with already metastatic cancer that was diagnosed and initially treated in the wild outback of mccargoe cove many years ago!

Birth is a beginning
and death a destination.
And life is a journey:
from childhood to maturity
and youth to age;
from innocence to awareness
and ignorance to knowing;
from foolishness to discretion
and then, perhaps to wisdom;
from weakness to strength
or strength to weakness--
and often, back again.
From health to sickness
and back, we pray, to health again;
from offense to forgiveness,
from loneliness to love,
from joy to gratitude,
from pain to compassion,
and grief to understanding --
from fear to faith;
from defeat to defeat to defeat--
until, looking backward or ahead
we see that victory lies
not at some high place along the way,
but in having made the journey, stage by stage
a sacred pilgrimage.
Birth is a beginning
and death a destination.
But life is a journey,
from birth to death
to life everlasting.

i know the football team, coaching staff and fans
know this truth having come from a near record string of losses
to where they are on this journey,
this sacred pilgrimage...

Congratulations, team, on the victory
you've won
before you've even taken the field...


carl strong mb.jpg

Looks like a great deal on the ultimate hogsback mountain bike/off road rig--captain america style paint included! 17-18"...wonder who it would fit in the cycling the lakes family!?!
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The calfee and waterford

Have enjoyed taking dean (bareback) and deb around the lakes area! Welcome and good luck on your presentation...funding ofwater and waste water products

Lovin' the tool roll

I need an inservice on the rollability of the clincher tube I guess...
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The Web-slinger is packed up

...And ships out tomorrow...(sigh). We are going to have a race to see which one of us is back to being 'ride ready' first!
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Saturday, September 10, 2011


...Left my chain tool and spare rear derailleur at home...ouch--looks like it's back to single speed for me, friends! Anyone looking for a 56/57.5 cross bike?? I know...I'm a fickle pickle
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Believe it or not

Momma doe asked me to bring the corn next time around!
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I think I need permission

...To pass...
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Shore lunch!

It's not about the destination

...It's about getting the burger and fries to go...

Buzz and the speedvagen!

Posing on hiway 10...overlooking clear lake! Bucksnort's -- here we come!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Great Grade

Nice Kit Spiderman (and how do you get your spokes to bend like that?)

If you haven't been on the grade today, you should go!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

just glued my first tubular: I think I am finally well

And thinking clearly...the gommitalia platinums are going on the pistas and llew...the reynolds clinchers go to dw with some black bonk rubber that came in awhile back (that is, if i can figure out a carbon specific brake pad solution)! Either bike should be ready for some miles if anyone is interested. I also have a package that came in addressed to he-shew--wonder what that is...guesses???

Ever get yelled at

About riding in the grass on the shóulder?

Time to wipe the mud off the drivetrain

I call--the only (or should I say best) place to wipe mud off the drivetrain is after mis-shifting up farmhouse hill!

The entrance to the worm hole

Calling all crossers...or road riders not afraid of a little off road riding: there seems to be a breech of space time that could use a repair! I find a healed reality where I speed unimpeded through the big spirit worm hole to the outback. When I return to the other reality changes...I wonder if there might be more permanence in my healed condition if others come through and seal the worm hole and I will remain whole! Calling all riders...mount your steed and fly!

The hearts on llew

Are irresistible...he's back to the commute!
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Cycling the lakes route

Tours with and to captain america.
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