Thursday, June 30, 2011

Something has changed

Lemons are lemonade for me on the single speed today! My new friend wants a bike just like this one..."Keep selling your refreshments and you'll be able to afford one in no time!"

What bike can you slam in a suitcase

put it back together and then climb up and fly down a volcano (without shifting)

now i just need a cable splitter and some bar end plugs...maybe i'll ride to the shop at noon to complete the project.

anyone else notice that on the ride in to work this morning the temperature was 75 degrees but felt more like one hundred?? wow...seems almost too hot to ride?!?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do I hurry home to break down the bike

And prepare it for the suitcase...or do I take the long way home?? Meet you on lakeshore...since all roads lead there!?! Oh, and one last thing--does anyone have a bench vise I can borrow?? I am thinking about removing the freewheel and replacing it with the WI double currently on the pug...

Bike Vending Machines are here! Now I can get a tube and cheez-its at the same place! I think someone should put one somewhere on the West side of Big Spirit.