Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday morning

Timing the light then taking the long way to work...still having to dress like its winter...

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lost....and found.

Sometimes, I bike so my brain can think while my legs spin. Today, I was hoping for a biting headwind and a feet-freezing cold. I was not disappointed. As I rode, I put my head down and pushed hard against the pedals while I thought about fixing things. Thermodynamically speaking, everything is falling apart (delta S > zero for the universe). But, by expenditure of energy, some things can be rebuilt, fixed, made to grow, allowed to change and finally to become whole again.
Our life's greatest challenges lie in deciding where to spend our energies. What can be fixed and what cannot be? When do we walk away from a problem, and when do we spill ourselves trying to repair what seems irrepairable?
As I was thinking about these questions, I biked past a lost glove by the side of the rode. I immediately thought about my dad who was notorious for stopping to pick up lost items on the roadside. Once he got out of the car on an Interstate entrance ramp to pick up an old tennis shoe. I almost biked past the glove, but for Dad's sake, I stopped. I reached down, picked it up and tucked it into my pocket.
I had already forgotten about the glove when, around a mile farther north, I found its mate.
What are the chances of that?
As I biked on with two gloves in my back pocket, I found myself considering the unlikely, fractured things which can be made whole: people, relationships, institutions and yes, even me . The broken can be fixed. I want to be the sort of person that lives with enough hope in my heart that I am willing to expend energy on that which might at first appear too lost to be found, too broken to be fixed and too discarded to be of value. I was still thinking about these things when I ran across yet another lost glove. Needless to say, I reached down, picked it up and tucked it into my pocket.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Can anyone tell me??

What is it about rain freezing, hill climbing and fixed riding that really puts me all together again!?! ...almost like I've been to the sanctuary...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chocolate pie

At al's oasis anyone??? Sorry, tok...couldn't resist!

Great cycling weather in FL

Ok trail trackers...

What happened at the ice patch where two hobbits passed by???

one more poem for you...encouraging us!


The mosquito is so small
It takes almost nothing to ruin it.
Each leaf, the same.
And the black ant, hurrying.
So many lives, so many fortunes!
Every morning I walk softly and with forward glances
down to the ponds and through the pinewoods.
Mushrooms, even, have but a brief hour
before the slug creeps to the feast,
before the pine needles hustle down
under the bundles of harsh, beneficent rain.

How many, how many, how many
make up a world!
And then I think of that old idea: the singular and the eternal.
One cup, in which everything is swirled
back to the color of the sea and the sky.
Imagine it!
A shining cup, surely!
In the moment in which there is no wind
over your shoulder,
you stare down into it,
and there you are,
your own darling face, your own eyes.
And then the wind, not thinking of you, just passes by,

touching the ant, the mosquito, the leaf,
and you know what else!
How blue is the sea, how blue is the sky,
how blue and tiny and redeemable everything is, even you,
even your eyes, even your imagination.

Mary Oliver
Why I Wake Early

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hard going today...in so many ways...


By expenditure of hope,
Intelligence, and work,
You think you have it fixed.
It is unfixed by rule.
Within the darkness, all
Is being changed.

Now I recall to mind
A costly year: Jane Kenyon,
Bill Lippert, Philip Sherrard,
All in the same spring dead,
So much companionship
Gone as the river goes.

And my good workhorse Nick
Dead, who called out to me
In his conclusive pain
To ask my help. I had
No help to give. And flood
Covered the cropland twice.
By summer's end there are
No more perfect leaves.


But won't you be ashamed
To count the passing year
At its mere cost, your debt
Inevitably paid?
For every year is costly,
As you know well. Nothing
Is given that is not
Taken, and nothing taken
That was not first a gift.

The gift is balanced by
Its total loss, and yet,
And yet the light breaks in,
Heaven seizing its moments
That are at once its own
And yours. The day ends
And is unending where
The summer tanager,
Warbler, and vireo
Sing as they move among
Illuminated leaves.

Wendell Berry
(Sabbaths 1998)

When it's zero degrees C and raining

Time to take the conditions head-on! Remember, riding in the rain is way under-rated...

Monday, March 21, 2011

for those of you keeping track...

the big dig + spring break = who i rode with at noon for a subway lunch
any guesses--come on--guess!

What a nice morning commute!

I was surprised to see sun dogs barking under the cloud cover....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ok so maybe the trail

...Isn't clear everywhere...

i saw my first frog of the season...and watched him busying himself with his froggishness. it reminded me of a mary oliver poem about summer...i found it once home and thought you might like it, too?!?

Song of the Builders

On a summer morning

I sat down

on a hillside

to think about G-d--

a worthy pastime.

Near me, I saw

a single cricket:

it was moving the grains of the hillside

this way and that way.

How great was its energy,

how humble its effort.

Let us hope

it will always be like this,

each of us going on

in our inexplicable ways

building the universe.

Mary Oliver

Why I Wake Early

I guess sometimes when the fog rolls out

The fog rolls over you on the way??

The fishermen at the grade--

Looks as if they may just disappear!

Take heart

The fog is lifting!

If you've been waiting for sun

And clear, dry trail--the wait is over, friend!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Only a matter of time now!!!

Yes, the ice fisherman are still out in full force but the snow is dirty and they aren't driving out anymore! We have winter whipped and soon the peloton will be rolling!

Do you tire

Of the lake lap?? or how different the ride can be from day to day?? the ice fishermen are still out in full force and tell me the ice is thicker than my 6-8 inch guess...

What a day: after getting myself a little bit lost out there...

--you never know where you'll end up taking the terraplane out on a tailwind ride--
loon lake was striking today...i thought you might like to see the spring run-off that i enjoyed!

Turning for home


Little spirit

Big tailwind gravel road fun!

The off-road and gravel going

(what do i find so irresistible about signage and roads like these)

Is tough on the kirk with a front road 28!

Bike in the kitchen: A sure sign of spring!

Early morning frost

A last gasp of winter artistry!

before i go in for rounds...and cast my shadow on the day

the blood orange, hard boiled eggs and espresso italiano have mixed with some mary oliver thoughts:

The Pinewoods

Just before dawn
three deer
came walking
down the hill

as if the moment were nothing different
from eternity--
as lightly as that
they nibbled

the leaves,
they drank
from the pond,
their pretty mouths

sucking the loose silver,
their heavy eyes

i did not really see them.
i came later, and saw their tracks
on the empty sand.
But i don't believe

only to the edge
of what my eyes actually see
in the kindness of the morning,
do you?

and my life,
which is my body surely,
is also something more--
isn't yours?

Mary Oliver
Why I Wake Early

Friday, March 18, 2011

hey, there's sunshine--it's warming up--the wind is calming down

i have this crazy idea of riding the gravel on the west side of little spirit on my way home tonight...anyone want to join me?? i'm thinking of stopping at home to get the terraplane or the fillmore in case kari is interested in getting out for a little ride to start the weekend...maybe a departure from 8th street sometime after 17:30?? let me know what works for you. --then again, i'm on call and may have to wait to get out for a ride until sometime tuesday afternoon...
ok--i didn't get around to it last night--but i'm headed out there on the kirk?? see you out there??

We're getting closer

any day you ride at noon and the wind chill is below 32 degrees...it counts as an official winter ride...in case you keep track of those things!

Just be ready for stops and portaging!

I didn't know that about ice

Ice can remain ice at 34 degrees...?!?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy saint sprocket's day...

alright, i know we're not supposed to play favorites...but if we're living life honestly...we each have them. noah is moved to the head of the class today--he's three and came in wearing his 'lucky dude' t-shirt...loves the don walker...though he thought it needed to get a little muddier...wants to go for a bike ride as soon as it's warm enough...is glad i'm not 'wearing those monster tires anymore...they were scarey' and then wished me a happy st sprocket's day! don't you just love kids! here's the dw wishing you a happy saint patricks'/sprocket's day! i hope you had a chance to celebrate life today! if you can name the restraunt where the don walker is posing...your next jackrabbit scrambler is on me...

Above freezing overnight

Means spring is happening!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

46 degrees

Bib short day : upside?? cold enough the legs are red and not white...

...muddy enough, the legs look like full length tights at the end of the ride!

what links cycling and guatemala??

the speedvagen road
not quite sure how this happened to me...i was just minding my own business
very content with the status quo...then i had someone offer me the opportunity
to build this family a 12x12 home in guatemala. the catch...he'd give me his bike
for less than half price...so, i dedided to buy a house and pass on the bike...but...as it turns out,
buying his bike for less than half price is funding his trip to guatemala to build the house
for this little girl. he promises to send photos of the family he's able to help
when the project comes together in the next weeks to months. if you're interested, check out http://www.1212loveproject.org/
so, if there's anything cycling related you would care to buy from me
it's yours--and it's all up for grabs!
just make the check payable to 12x12 love project and send it to ryun in jacksonville, florida!
stop by and make a reasonable offer--woody, buzz, llew--you name it!