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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great skiing today at the Outback!

The white industries dos eno

And the puglsey with double big larry's at 15 psi are perfect for anywhere you want to go on the lake...easy switch from the 38/16 to the 35/19! Let's ride--it's winter and the conditions are perfect!

Too warm to ride??

Maybe changing out the bottom bracket on the pugsley would be fun! Kinda like performing surgery.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Check it out

jeri commissioned a drawing of me riding and each state I have been in for an official ride!

Nice Ride to the market!

wore my giro to the gyro buffet/lunch with the girls!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday rounds

Check out the new bar mitts and the bow tie!?! Is america ready for such holiday Lakes Regional healthcare???

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hogsback naming Thread

Ok I have been thinking about this for awhile and need some blog help. I think we should come up with some names for the various parts of the ski trail so we can communicate conditions, wipeouts, and sightseeing more accurately.

Here are the parts of the trail as I remember them and the names of those that seem to already have names. I'm numbering them to help with name suggestions;

1 - the driveway
2- the entrance to the first right
3- the small hill section and the big climb to the backside
4 - the downhill into the valley and uphill out
5- the short downhill and tough little right hand corner
6 - the dip and the hill up to the left turn
7- the downhill (end of the first circle of the 8) - and the junction with bottom trail
8 - the first right hand uphill off the bottom
9 - the top trail
10 - the back section that ends up at the clover field/farmhouse hill
11- farmhouse hill
12 - the connector to the hill back up
13 - the hill back up to the top
14 - the top (again)
15 - the hill down to the bottoms (heartbreak hill?)
16 - the bottoms

I think that's the main ones - though the backside trails are groomed also and pretty nice. We may end up naming them too. If it is too hard to visualize, I vote we have a naming loop!

Merry Christmas.

Uh oh -- now what

do you think the good doctor will mind if i park in his spot?? i wonder if i could get my own sign but a little closer to the door so i don't have to walk quite as far in the snow!?!

Wonder what the fine is for skiing in for hospital rounds???

Thursday, December 23, 2010

TANDEM SKIING: What do you do when...

The moderator deletes your last post? Post one of her getting run over by a fellow skier/her daughter?!?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas break

Begins now with nocturnal skiing!

Eclectic but functional

Studded spider up front and the eno hub/dugast in the rear with the dos eno drivetrain! Better than summer???

Nice sighting on the morning commute!

I rode my new favorite winter commuter this morning...any guesses as to who got the nod (which bike from the fleet i tweaked?)! At long last...I think I found the perfect winter ensemble!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

...And what to my wondering eyes did appear?

Santa and mrs claus take their house guests to the outback! Nice to see the beautiful people of america soaking in the beauty of this place!

the outback was bright, warm and had a great glide!

even though the night was overcast, the full moon made everything bright in the outback last night! i had the pleasure of leading this tandem of two best friends out on a nighttime ski adventure...i can't remember having a better time celebrating the winter solstice--you made it! the daylight hours start increasing from here...whew!

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Peloton on Francis Sites

Not a bad paceline, but be careful - they do not give up their spots easily. Getting past them is harder than shaking Jane off a back wheel!

UPDATE - be careful out there - winter can evidently be hard on the Peloton

Banished to the garage?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

found some snow on the maiden voyage of the don walker

...but lost the zip ties! i may spend the rest of the winter picking them up as they each popped and sounded off into the spokes, were crunched throught the 46/16 drivetrain and were haphazardly strewn down gary street. overall, a nice ride on the new-to-me bike...felt like floating around big spirit on magic carpet!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm officially going nuts after the nutcracker--the Don Walker is in the house!

here's how the don walker looks ready for a winter test ride...sorry...couldn't wait/couldn't sleep until the two of us had a proper meeting! ...and for the record the brooks with the seat mast --bb to top of saddle measurement is exactly 77cm...right where i'm riding llew at the moment! i know...i heard that...the sound of your collective sigh of relief!

--the boxes arrived while I was at the final performance of the nutcracker! They took the place of the uni and pug that were banished to the basement! I either need permission to open the presents before christmas...a promise to come over soon for a box opening party or someone to steal them from me to keep me from temptation! Help, friends, help!!!

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Boji biker on the ridge cautions about bad news-- trail potholes--and...

he makes skiing look pretty good! good news--the trail is fast and fully groomed with double track galore!

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When Does Indoor Bike Parking Make Sense?

I hate to revisit a previous thread, but I need to just ask, "When does indoor bike parking make sense?"
I am a reasonable person--just ask anyone.
I can understand the need to keep a pristine, custom built, all carbon, SRAM components, "it's all about performance" bike indoors. I've been fully convinced that the garage is just too dusty, too dirty, too profane for the housing of such a beautiful machine.

But, I've gotta say, that parking the Pugsley indoors is pushing me too far. This beast of a bike loves mud. He lives for dirt and rocks. Sludge is his best friend. He stores extra mud in his spokes and under the seat. The Pugsley enjoys being dirty--he lives to get messy.
Why, then, is he parked in my front hallway? Does it make any sense at all?? Will he still be there during the Christmas party? Will the Pugsley welcome Santa when he comes down the chimney with cookies and a chain tool? The Pugsley is now good friends with the vacuum cleaner, but I don't think it is a healthy relationship for either of them. They are just too different--it'll never last.

Oh, Pugsley
Oh, Pugsley
You know your chain is greasy.
Oh, Puglsey
Oh, Pugsley
In my front hall, you make me queasy.
Oh, Pugsley friend, you must be gone.
I hate to sing this farewell song.
But, Pugsley, you track dirt on the floor.
You aren't my sort of Christmas decor.
Oh, Pugsley
Oh, Pugsley
Please take your grease and go--please.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My favorite views of marble lake

anyone interested in a trip out to marble lake this morning...the challenge?? take a shot and post your favorite scene(s) before act one, scene one of the nutcracker! on your mark, get set, GO!
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Let's check out the open water

The spring at hogsback is keeping the water open and is quite a sight with the rest of our area lakes frozen solid!
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Trail Report

BojiBiker says the skiing at the Outback is EXCELLENT!!

Farmhouse hill

The trail is Beautiful! No falls on the first pass but be careful if you take the right hand turn at the bottom of farmhouse hill...stay left and turn late!
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Sami center parking

Nice to find a close spot for the nutcracker!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

i guess i'd better come clean with this: i just bought a new bike

maybe this is what i'll be riding when i encounter tri guy again!?!
what do ya'all think of my new don walker???
...i can't wait to see it in person...anyone up for a party
or care to guess what kind of deal it was/is?

days like today make me wonder what tri guy is doing?

and what he'll be riding next year when i pass him no-handed on llew again!

i hope he's riding something like this bonk special!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

thanks to eric hoien for taming the drifts--

ie) grooming the trail...
the reds were fun but waxless might have been better!
--you decide--
the trip along the ridge was worth the trip's how it looks up there...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ok, here's what we learned

1) Let air out of the tires and the pug runs smoother!
2) We need a friend to ram down the drifts with their snowmobile so we have an easier time on the spine trail!
3) The lake is a pretty nice trail...however black ice is unnerving to cross over on the bike!
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Groomed trail

For the pugsley! Anyone know where we can put our hands on a sign of the monster bike? fwiw: i tested this stretch of trail on the way home last night on the uniscasi with 40c nokian tires...there were two places i need to walk the bike...this morning, the pug flew over both stretches in hyperdrive!
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