Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Too cold? Well, for mere mortals, yes...

This photo was taken just before Spiderman rode away on a twenty-five mile commute to work this morning. AND IT'S STILL SEPTEMBER!!! What's up with that?? He's even got the lobster gloves on. ouch!
Is it possible that the weather will be too bad to ride this weekend. She wonders to herself?!?

Works for this guy!

New meaning to the term "landshark!"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i think loveall might be easier to draft

if we could get him to wear his fancy new helmet like this:

New Helmet??

I hear that Loveall needs a new helmet and is considering this beauty. I am STRONGLY in favor of it, because I feel it will be sweeter than sweet to draft behind. Think of the wind tunnel effect.

Most exciting thing this week on the bike...

Was being end over end at Hogsback on Sunday. Bike went left, Clint went right... everything fine but I'm walking a little stiff and I'll get to pick out a new helmet. Clydesdales do not fall softly, but I think the trail will recover. Many cracks in helmet foam - none in head, which is how it is supposed to work. (and yes, my head is harder than any normal helmet.) Good thing I learned the barrell roll on TDK. I think it's time for a pugsley!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tour de Kota 2010 Route Announced!

I need big news to distract me from facing the reality that summer is over. So the announcement of the TDK 2010 Route is perfect timing. June 6 - 11, 2010 are the dates and the starting point is Elk Point with the grand finale day in Sisseton! And even better, we get a stopover night in Tea!

Woolly Caterpillar?

Do you think it's true that the black stripe on the woolly caterpillar indicates that severity of the coming winter? I've been seeing plenty of these little guys on the loop around Big Spirit. The thing is, I just can't say if the black stripe is thicker than usual or not. And what about the frogs? They seem to be trying to tell me something, and I'm trying to listen. I'll go out of my way to move out of the path of a frog or a woolly caterpillar. I'll share the road. Grasshoppers, on the other hand, not so much. They make a nice crunching sound under my wheel.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

if you're looking for a dynamic duo


but also look no closer!

rule #1

no white bib shorts! is bad enough...

Friday, September 25, 2009

If you ride in Okoboji, you can Postey

Here is the idea...this blog will be a place for anyone who cycles the IA Great Lakes to pedal on up. This could work to minimize unnecessary biking spam emails that have been the source of both amusement and frustration in days gone by.

I think we'll be able to fill the pages with great photos, best routes, tales of woe, epic rides, headwinds, tailwinds, road-rage rants---you name it!

Anyone? Anyone?

It was a dark and stormy night

...and a dark and story morning, too, as I walked down the stairs and promptly knocked over my bike (which was parked in the front hallway). Bike grease on the leg before 7:00 AM must mean it's going to be a good day, despite the rain.

It was still dark and still raining when I returned from taking my daughter to early morning practice. As I walked into the kitchen, my husband noticed the grease and asked in total seriousness, "Have you been biking?"

Twenty five years of marriage and I wonder, "How does he remain ever hopeful that someday I'll be the sort of person who actually would go biking in the early morning, in the dark, in the rain?"